Hóa chất amino

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2. Nội dung: HÓA CHẤT XỬ LÝ NƯỚC VKCF-900 : ATMP (Amino trimethylene phosphonic acid) SPECIFICATION Molecular Formula:C3H12NO9P3 Molecule Weight:299.05 Typical Active Content:50+/-2% Appearance:Colorless to pale yellow clear solution pH (1% solution):< 2.0 Specific gravity(20℃ ):1.30+/-0.05 Iron (Fe):< 35ppm Chloride:< 1% APPLICATIONS Scale control for cooling water & boiler water treatment Scale control in evaporative desalination and reverse osmosis Detergents and cleaning agent Bottle washing:Prevent scale, spotting and filming Textile industries:Stabilize peroxide, improve bleaching performance Parking: 250kg/drum, 25kg/drum LH: 0912.635.075 zalo: 0912.635.075 Email:

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